Thursday, August 30, 2007

Hit us back on Tuesday

LB headquarters is shut down for the long Labor Day weekend in the US, so our offices are closed Friday AND Monday. (Pretty sweet deal, as most companies only give their employees Monday off.)

Will be back refreshed, revitalized and re-thinking white pants on Tuesday.:)

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

One month to Engage 2007!

Set your countdown clocks - Engage 2007 is officially a month away...If this one turns out like Engage 2006, it's gonna be incredible.

The two-day event will take place September 26th and 27th at the Raffles Hotel in Singapore. The event will showcase some of the brightest and bravest thinkers out there...but what you'd expect a PR person to say, anyway?:)

Just so you know I'm completely serious about how great this conference is, please note that I'm not chattering on about a line-up full of our staffers. Sure, we have some LB people in the mix, but we understand that gathering lots of different people from different places makes for a great gathering. The line-up includes key players such as Nike Japan’s Marvin Chow, Millions of Us CEO, Reuben Steiger, Lucy Johnston of GDR, Tim Harris, Founder and CEO of Seven Lights, Air Asia’s Tony Fernandes, KirtGunn & Associates’ Ed Herbstman, and Jeffrey Cole from the Centre for the Digital Future.

More details here. Register now!


Thursday, August 23, 2007

A Warm and Fuzzy (Literally)

Our neighbors north of headquarters have developed a campaign for the Toronto Humane Society that's a feel-good, for sure.

Check out the Toronto Blog and some chatter about it here, here, and here.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Number One in TV and Outdoor

Okay, okay - you know this whole thing is written by a PR person, right? And, while my main goal is to share cool LB work with you here, well, I can't resist at least *mentioning* a couple of Burnett highlights from Creativity Magazine Award issue, on newsstands now.

According to their rankings, the #1 television commercial in 2007 is "Underwater World" from Leo Burnett Milan and the #1 Outdoor Poster in 2007 is McDonald's "Sundial" from LB/Chicago (image posted here). Another notable fact(at least for me:)) is that the Clima Bicycle campaign from LB/Bangkok was the fourth-most awarded in Print and the eighth-most awarded Outdoor Poster.

Okay. Horn is officially tooted. Over and out.


A Visit to

Before the Alpha 245 blog was born, Arc/Singapore and HP launched a site where amateur and professional animators are given the chance to create animated stop-motion movies. In the three weeks it's been live, it's been getting a great deal of attention - and countless hours have been spent on video submissions.

Want to try your hand? Check it out here. All the scenarios, backgrounds and five toy characters (Sancho, Farm Girl, Ranger, Jogger and Green from Monsterism Island) were designed by the famous freelance illustrator and cult toy designer, Pete Fowler. If you live in one of the selected Asia-Pacific countries (details on the site), you can upload them for submission to the HP Toyrama Contest (either as an amateur or a professional). Fowler is the judge, and four of the most talented digital animators will win Autodesk Maya software and an opportunity to tour the DreamWorks facility in LA (sweet!!!). Contest runs until October 9, 2007, so get clickin'.

Oh - and a little advice: you'll want to watch the clock if you try to swing this at work - you can spend a great deal of time tinkering about!!!