Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Number One in TV and Outdoor

Okay, okay - you know this whole thing is written by a PR person, right? And, while my main goal is to share cool LB work with you here, well, I can't resist at least *mentioning* a couple of Burnett highlights from Creativity Magazine Award issue, on newsstands now.

According to their rankings, the #1 television commercial in 2007 is "Underwater World" from Leo Burnett Milan and the #1 Outdoor Poster in 2007 is McDonald's "Sundial" from LB/Chicago (image posted here). Another notable fact(at least for me:)) is that the Clima Bicycle campaign from LB/Bangkok was the fourth-most awarded in Print and the eighth-most awarded Outdoor Poster.

Okay. Horn is officially tooted. Over and out.



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