Friday, November 30, 2007

Why its cool for artists to sell out

On Monday, December 3rd, Marc Landsberg (global corporate strategist at Leo Burnett and president of Arc Worldwide) is gonna moderate a conversation about the music industry and how several phenomena (e.g. iTunes, Napster, social networks, etc.) have changed both how artists distribute their music and the role that the music industry plays in people’s lives. The conversation will center on why it’s cool for artists to sell out, Radiohead's recent online strategy and all kinds of other intriuging music-related topics. Listen here.

In on the convo is:
Jorgen Larsen, former chairman and CEO of Universal Music International and chairman of iLoop Mobile;
· GLC, a hip-hop artist with a positive message who tours with Kanye West; · Matt MacKelkan, an independent artist getting fame up and down the East Coast;
· Part-time Leo Burnett music producer Eric Sheinkop, who at 25 has already launched his own music company, Bandit Productions.

MarketSquare will be broadcast at 9 am CST (again, on Monday) or you can listen to the podcast at your leisure (



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