Thursday, October 11, 2007

So, an exec walks into a bar and...

Marc Landsberg (whom many of you know as the global corporate strategist and president of Arc Worldwide) is also a former stand-up comic. Today, he combined his inner funny man and his marketing knowledge for a knee-slapping speech at the Forrester conference in Chicago.

Bascially, Marc made interesting parallels between business and people looking for love in a speech titled, "Act to Attract: Making Yourself Desirable in the Online World." He asked: does your brand meet people easily, or do you come across as awkward and stiff? Is your brand a giver or a taker?

Funny analogy, I suppose, but he was all business when he made his this new world of social technology, demonstrations of higher value have never been so important.

I know I'm paid to say it, but I couldn't agree more.



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