Thursday, October 4, 2007

LB/Paris Tackles AIDS Awarness with "Sidaction"

Here's a brand new effort from Leo Burnett Paris, "Sidaction."

Over the last few years, France has seen a decline in AIDS-awareness among its people, particularly among the young.
Misconceptions and an emotional downgrading of the disease’s consequences have both helped maintain the level of AIDS-related deaths for some time now. 6500 people are infected each year in France, and of those who test positive for HIV, half are not aware they are a carrier.
As you well know, a cure has still not been found for AIDS, and while breakthroughs in research have been considerable, funds are still needed if we’re to crack the disease and improve existing drug therapies. Raising awareness, providing information and encouraging prevention among young men and women is one key aim of the organization Sidaction in France.
Working with Sidaction, Leo Burnett has created a striking TV spot, an allegory that reminds us all of the sad reality that AIDS remains prevalent, that more investment in research is required, and that Sidaction needs your help.



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